Everyone gets mad. It happens. It’s human nature. But how we choose to express our anger is what defines us. Now, for the first time in history, you can express your anger in a safe and portable manner… thanks to the Mini Flipping Table!

This sturdy flipping device will take any beating you can dish out! It’s capable of holding over 5lbs of weight, and is made of a plastic so durable it’ll make a GameBoy seem like it’s made of balsa wood.

With a length of 8cm, this fold-up table is the most compact thing you’ll ever put in your pocket.

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The Halfbound Blade is a full color, 36 page comic about a monster hunter in the twilight days of an arcane era.

In an age where the old gods are dying, mankind is expanding its reach from once humble beginnings, forming vast empires and taming the once unconquered wilds. Ancient monsters grow more violent as they are displaced, disregarded, and disrespected by the fledgling race of humanity encroaching upon their domains. Many have begun to organize, and war looms upon the horizon.

Caught between the shifting tides of fate is Vennen, a hunter of monsters that is linked to the fading world of the arcane. Just trying to make his way through the lands he travels and earn some coin, Vennen finds himself dealing with the conflicts of humanity and monsters alike. While most of his work involves dispatching violent beasts and evil spirits terrorizing innocents, he finds that not all monsters are evil, nor all men good. And try as he might, his attempts to do what’s right don’t always lead to happy endings.

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