The Bancast #156 – Bespoke Return

Would you believe that the update in your podcast feed isn’t a mistake? The Bancast is back with a brand new episode for you, discussing the best games of 2016, the future of video games, the freshly revealed Destiny 2, NieR Automata, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dark Souls 3, and a whole lot more. Welcome back, everyone.

The Bancast #155 – Baby and the 16 Del Toros

On this episode we discuss the HBO hit West World (just like every other podcast out there), and we prep for next episode’s challenge: The FX series by Donald Glover, Atlanta. If you want to skip all our Star Wars Rogue One talk (there are some spoilers), we start at 33:28 and end at 42:01. We also chat a bit about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Fallout 4, Steins;Gate Zero, and a whole lot more.

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The Bancast #150 – Bro Talk #001

This week on Bro Talk we’ve got special guest Fred Wood, and we talk about Picross and Nonograms, Retr0bright, Classic Games Fest in Austin, Overwatch’s Lucioball, Phantom Brave dungeon crawling, Spelunky, Five Iron Frenzy, Dinosaur Jr, Gazelle Twin, Final Crisis, Archie’s Sonic Megadrive, the impending Disney Infinity Shutdown, Rival Schools 3, Suicide Squad, and SteamVR Tracking.

The Bancast #149 – Bring Back Chumbawamba

This week on the Bancast we tackle our Challenge of the Week: Lady Dynamite. We also talk We Happy Few, Overwatch, Picross, Kirby’s Dream Course, Yakuza, Phantom Brave, Destiny the Taken King, Danganronpa v3, Berserk 2016, MST3K, Daredevil Season 2, Stranger Things, Serial Season 2, Blink 182, Rishloo, Sonic Mania, Hideo Kojima, Xiaomi’s new Xiaomi Notebook Air, DotA 2’s VR Spectator Mode, the Nintendo NX, and DC Comics.

Yeah, it’s a full week.